• In fstab make sure pass, the last column of a line, is set to 0 since btrfs does not do a file system check at mount.
  • To copy files using Copy-On-Write add the --reflink option for cp,
    f.e.: $ cp --reflink=always <source> <dest>

  • HDD
  • Recomended mount options: rw,noatime,autodefrag,compress-force=lzo,space_cache

  • SSD
  • Recommended mount options: rw,noatime,ssd,compress=lzo,space_cache
  • Until SATA version 3.1, TRIM was not asynchronous, so it is better to not use the discard mount option. systemd has a solution for this, fstrim.timer. It will discard unused blocks once a week. systemctl enable fstrim.timer to enable it. To check the version of SATA in use for your device, run # smartctl --info <device>. Also, fstrim is suggested to only be ran once per week.