No Common CD-ROM drive was detected.

This is a very common problem for the Debian Installer when installing from a USB flash drive.

Thankfully I used Debian years ago and know how to circumvent this issue.

Steps in the Debian Installer:

  • Select Expert install at the grub menu
  • Select Go Back at the Select a language menu
  • Select Execute a shell at the Debian installer main menu
  • Select Continue at the Execute a shell warning screen
  • At the Execute a shell window:
    • List partitions: cat /proc/partitions
    • Determine the partition of your flash drive that contains the installer. (NOTE: It will be smaller than your hard drive) Mine was /dev/sdb1
    • Make the cdrom directory at root: mkdir /cdrom
    • Mount the partition to /cdrom: mount -t vfat /dev/sdb1 /cdrom
    • Exit the shell: exit
  • Continue with the Debian installer to install SteamOS.