Recently I built an Anet A8 kit 3D printer. I purchased it during a flash sale at for less than $150 USD. I have seen it on short flash sales for less than $75 USD. This 3D printer kit is based on the Prusa i3 from the open-source hardware and software RepRap project. RepRap is short for replicating rapid prototyper. The firmware is based on the open-source Repetier Firmware also from the RepRap project. The motherboard is based on the open-source hardware Arduino project. This printer does not need to be connected to a computer to print. It can print G-code directly from a micro SD card. I plan to add the open-source hardware Raspberry Pi to the printer, and install the open-source software OctoPrint to remotely upload 3D objects, start, stop, and monitor the printer. There is a huge repository of mostly openly licensed, Creative Commons, objects for you to download, modify, share, and print at MakerBot Thiniverse. You might see a theme here; everything is or based on open-source projects/licenses.

Anet A8

Anet A8 01

Desktop Software

All of the desktop software I use is open-source and runs on Linux, also MS Windows and Apple macOS. Arch Linux package name in parentheses ().

CAD Software for create the objects to print

  • FreeCAD (freecad)
    • A general purpose 3D CAD modeler
  • OpenSCAD (openscad)
    • The programmers solid 3D CAD modeller

      3D Printer Software

  • Ultimaker Cura (cura)
    • Creates G-code (sliced object) for printer

Ultimake Cura setup:

Select Prusa i3 as your printer

Set the Correct Dimensions for the Anet A8


  • Printers
    • Prusa i3
      • Machine Settings
        • X (Width)
          • 220mm
        • Y (Depth)
          • 220mm
        • Z(Height)
          • 240mm